This course is designed to teach you how to create courses with WP Courseware.

Module 1 Getting started with WP Courseware
Unit 1 How to install WP Courseware
Unit 2 Creating a new course
Unit 3 WP Courseware pop quiz
Module 2 Creating modules, units and quizzes
Unit 1 Creating a new module
Unit 2 Creating a unit and assigning to a module
Unit 3 How to edit and convert a unit
Unit 4 Drip feed your course content
Unit 5 Quiz and survey creation
Unit 6 WP Courseware pop quiz #2
Module 3 Student Enrollment
Unit 1 How to enroll students and track progress
Unit 2 Enrolling users into a new course
Unit 3 Bulk user import and course enrollment via csv
Module 4 Course configuration
Unit 1 How to create a course outline
Unit 2 Using the course progress shortcode
Unit 3 Resetting student progress
Unit 4 How to use the gradebook
Unit 5 How to generate PDF certificate of course completion
Unit 6 How to add a course menu widget
Unit 7 WP Courseware survey