Frequently Asked Questions

What is WP Courseware?

WP Courseware is a robust WordPress learning management system plugin which can be installed on any WordPress installation. WP Courseware allows you to easily organize content into training courses which can be navigated by students.

How does WP Courseware work?

Simply create a course and choose your course settings, then create your course units just as you would with WordPress posts. You can then easily place course units into your required course ordering through a drag and drop interface. If quizzes are required, they can also be dropped into courses.

What types of content can I use within WP Courseware?

WP Courseware course units are WordPress posts, so anything which can be placed into a WordPress post or page, including text, video, or any other downloads can be used within a course unit.

What types of quiz features does WP Courseware offer?

WP Courseware features a very robust quiz platform. Questions types include true/false, multiple choice, text entry, and assignment upload for all file types. You have the ability to set passing scores prior to progression to the next unit, time quizzes, choose your results settings, randomize questions from the question pool, deliver results by email or PDF, and many other options.

Can I charge for my courses?

WP Courseware currently integrates with a number of WordPress membership and e-commerce plugins to allow you to easily charge for courses. All of the free Fly Plugins integrations plugins can be found here.

What is the upgrade and support policy?

Currently, each WP Courseware license includes one (1) year of upgrades and support. Discounted renewal rates are available for all currently licensed users.

Is WP Courseware multisite compatible?

Currently, WP Courseware is not compatible with WordPress multisite installations.

Is WP Courseware translation ready?

Yes! WP Courseware currently includes a translation file for all text strings which can be used to present the plugin features to your users in almost any language.

What theme should I use with WP Courseware?

With thousands of WordPress themes available, it’s completely up to you to choose a theme which suits your needs for the look and feel of your site.